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Birthed Out of Love

nathaji's blog Mar 15, 2021

It is not by escaping our humanity or trying to disappear into the transcendent, but in finding that place where they come into union, the mystery that is inherently inside all of us is revealed.

Throughout the ages, people have asked these fundamental questions: “Why am I here? What is the relationship between me and the Divine?” It is our sādhana that brings us to the understanding that we were birthed out of the intimacy between Śiva and Śakti, Consciousness and energy. It is that dynamic interchange, that intimacy of love that creates and gives life.

When the eternal and the human meet, love is born; that is love doubling back on itself. By finding that place of union within us, we recognize that we, too, are birthed out of love.

Realization is living that union in our own lives, with heart wide open. It is the revelation of the mystery that is inherently inside all of us. How amazing that this could be true!

If we accept the premise that we were birthed out of the love and joy of Consciousness Itself, then the next step is to make that a living reality. We must find that place of union inside, connect with the resonance of that realization, and hold onto it, moment by moment. But here’s the key: It is imperative that if we want to discover the true purpose and meaning of our life, we must stop looking for purpose and meaning in what we perceive to be outside of us.

The union of Śiva and Śakti happens within the field of their own Oneness. It is not two coming together. The same thing holds true for us. The discovery of simple joy and love within us has nothing to do with anything outside. In fact, it is impossible for us to really express that pure love and joy in the dynamics of our lives unless we truly know it within us. Otherwise, our connection and interaction with others is most often a reflection of us reaching for something other in a search to feel love and joy. 

Ask Yourself: “Am I living in joy?”   

If answered honestly, most people would say that their joy seems to be fleeting. It waxes and wanes, depending on conditions. For example, our ability to stay in contact with that simple fullness of heart tends to fade whenever our minds or emotions tell us we cannot extend love unless the other person changes. We think, “I’ll love you if…,” or, “I’ll love you when…” We rationalize in our minds why we should not love someone, as they are.

The expression of love must be unconditional in all our relationships. When you take a step back and find your love for God, and the love that God has for you, you start to see that there are no conditions necessary. We cannot make our relationship with God a negotiation: “Well God, I’ll really love you if you give me [fill in the blank].” As we find that same clarity, that simplicity, in relationship to ourselves and to our life, we begin to be free from the tyranny of conditionality, which is a reflection of dualistic thinking — the belief that we are separate from the Source that birthed us, and separate from others.

Our realization comes when we are free of that dualistic concept. If we find the deep intimacy between us and the Divine, we come to understand the purpose of our human life. And then we are able to open our eyes and extend out into the dynamics of life while remaining established in that purpose, clarity, and simple, profound love. This is how all of life becomes a sacred interaction between God and Himself.

Have What God is Having

This is how life becomes an extraordinary celebration of abundance, instead of whatever else it often becomes. We have to step back inside ourselves and let go of all the energy that is caught up in anxiety, fear, and worry about the conditions in our lives. Being pulled into that turmoil is, in a sense, a normal reaction. But it’s a human reaction, and we want to have what God is having! Our mind and emotions are not bad, but if we only live on that level, we express a limited capacity to understand and function from the full scope of life.

Your life is perfect as it is because perfection has nothing to do with conditions. Life is not a negotiation. It is a participation in that overflowing of simple abundance found in the love between God and the Goddess. When you find yourself doubting that this is true, just take a moment. Become very still in your heart. That is where we find love doubling back on itself — the dynamic between us and the God who dwells within us as our very Self. That union is ever-present: not sometimes, and not for some people but not others.

Our life has been given to us to know our own divinity, to know that resonance of joy that is the Divine interfacing with Itself. And if that is the single purpose and gift of life, don’t waste it.



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