Conscious Studentship - 54 Week Program

Begins May, 2023

This program includes:

  • An opportunity for personal interaction with Nathaji
  • A conscious deepening of your practice
  • Joining with others in a unique community

Entering into a relationship with a teacher reflects the conscious choice on the part of a student to place his/her finite awareness in direct confrontation with the expanded consciousness of the teacher — the unbounded consciousness the student wishes to attain. As a student comes into the guru’s field of awareness, the student’s finite consciousness encounters its own Source in the person of the teacher. It releases the inner meditative current and infinite consciousness already present within every student, but unknown to them.

In this sacred relationship the teacher binds the student to service, growth, and the inner practices required for the single purpose of attaining freedom. The teacher only seeks to free students from their own limited awareness. This one-year commitment will be a powerful accelerant in your journey toward freedom.

Swami Khecaranatha has many students but will only be accepting 36 individuals into this deeply intimate spiritual relationship.


  • Completion of the Great Journey of the Heart (Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana) 2-Year Program
  • Initiation into the Heart of Consciousness Kula
  • Ongoing participation in the Śakti Transmission Classes
  • Ongoing participation in Berkeley Intensives (at least one must be in person)
  • Participation Hawaii Winter Immersions (at least one week must be in person)
  • In-person enrollment in a two-week Conscious Studentship Summer Immersion 
  • Application and approval by Nathaji
Begins May, 2023

To inquire further or apply, please email [email protected].