The Great Journey of the Heart: Module 3

5-Week Program — August 2-30, 2021
The Matrix of the Upāyas and Sādhana
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A 5-Week Exploration with Swami Khecaranatha.

  • Each live-streaming Presentation Session is 1 1/2 - 2 hours
  • All sessions are available on-demand
  • The program includes homework handouts & study in preparation for the next session
  • Q&A by chat on the topics covered
  • Sessions may include guided meditations

The focus of this module:

The truths inherent in the view of nonduality are revealed to us through direct experience, and Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana is the spiritual technology that brings forth that experience in our meditation and in daily life. The matrix is a clearly defined and articulated roadmap of our immersion into the heart of God.

The tradition of Trika Śaivism expounds that the upāyas are the progression of this journey to liberation. Each of the key aspects of sādhana is articulated in depth across and within each upāya, supported by the practices that enable each person to have the direct experience of the highest knowledge/insight within themselves.

The upāyas are at once the means to liberation (perpetually cycling in a non-linear focus and prominence) and the state of awakened Consciousness — the recognition of one’s own Śiva-hood revealed by the descent of grace.

The four upāyas to be discussed in this exploration are:

  • Āṇavopāya - the path of effort

  • Śāktopāya - the path of energy

  • Śāmbhavopāya - the path of awareness

  • Anupāya - no path

Nathaji will go into detail about how these upāyas apply to an individual's sādhana, making this a powerful program for each participant.

5 Presentation Sessions
Mondays, 7 pm